My home defense guns

My home defense gunsToday i wanted to do a quick post where I talk about some of my home defense guns. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about that lately and I haven’t done an updated post in a while. So I figured I would talk about some of the guns that protect my house and why I chose them over all the other guns I’ve reviewed and owned in my life. And basically just what are the reasons for them and why I chose them. And first up, I suppose I’ll go with the one that I have in my hand right here. And this is a, uh, I would like to call it a Daniel defense Mark 18, but it’s really not to an argument upper and lower, uh, with an airborne arms trigger. Imagine a Mark 18 clone on steroids.

It’s got the VG six, a muzzle break there. It’s got an old light, a Valkyrie and an aim point, uh, T2 with a vertical grip. And this is, in fact, an SBR. And this is the gun that my wife likes the best because it is the shortest and she likes vertical grips, which is why it’s on there and it’s pretty kitted out for her. Now why it shows this is because I shoot air fifteens a ton and I’m really, really big on using something you’re comfortable with, especially in a situation like home defense where you’re going to be asleep and you might wake up and nah, you’re not gonna know what you’re doing. And I, when I was younger, I used to train boxing and wrestling and stuff like that. Then when you are in the moment, you always rise to the level of your training.

So I want to make sure that if I’m going to use something for home defense, I’m going to concern myself the most with my ability to use that correctly. So I know an air 15 front and back, it’s the rifle I’ve shot by far the most out of any other rifle, I mean 10 times more than any of the rifle. So I want something I know how to use intuitively and this is that and it has some high speed accessories on it that I really like, like the brake and obviously the optic. Uh, the aim point T two T one series is an optic I’ve used for however old going on 10 years and I absolutely love it and it’s in the same amount every time. Uh, well at least the same height, lower one third. And I always have a large charging handle that’s for my wife.

She’s a lefthanded so I always have the AB charging handles on there as well. And it’s also because my wife predominantly shoots air fifteens as well. And if she, uh, is scared when I’m not home, she often grabs one of two guns, which I’ll show you the other one here in a second. Well, one of them is an air 15, because that’s what she likes to shoot. That’s what she shoots in the best and it is inappropriate caliber. That’s the other thing I want to talk about. When you’re picking a home defense gun, you want to have the highest caliber that’s easiest to use. So I like to do three because it is a very capable caliber and I use a very capable ammo in my guns as well, which I’ll grab here real quick. Hornady black, it is made for SVRs and I think it’s a 75 grain or 77 grain.

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It’s a big old bullet and it does a whole lot of damage and I’ve seen ballistic tests on this and I really like this particular ammo. So I actually just shot some earlier. That’s why it’s only a half a mag, but this is just the one I found. I actually have several magazines right next to the rifle and it’s not because I think I’m going to get in some giant gunfight. That’s where people always assume, I actually have several magazines, you know, ammunition feeding devices because this is the most common way that a gun will malfunction and if you’re going to clear them all function, most of the time you’re going to drop the mag, run the charging handle, insert new mag. Well you can’t enter it into mag if you don’t have one. So I like to keep at least one mag by the gun. I like the SPR platform because it’s easy to use.

It feels good when I’m using it, and again, it feels like something I’m used to while still having the short overall length because if you’re going to be in a home defense situation, you’re probably going to be inside your home and inside your home there are barricades and walls and doors and all kinds of shit you can get your barrel stuck on and it’s just easier to maneuver. And the a 10.5 or 11.5 length is not really a factor inside 15 yards, especially with ammunition designed to be shot out of it. So a ballistic capability is still good to go as far as that goes. Now this isn’t the only choice. A PCC like a pistol, caliber, carbon, anything you’re very comfortable with and use all the time can be very effective. You know, people get wrapped around the axle about home defense guns and I got to tell you that as long as you know how to use it well, that’s probably the most important thing.

You know, if somebody came in and was trying to kidnap your daughter for sex slavery and you came out with a Ruger 10 22 and started firing 40 rounds at them, they’re probably going to change their plans. So just remember that it’s just important to have a thing, have it available and know how to use it. But on that note, I’ll show you the next gun. So the other gun that most likely is gonna serve a home defense duty and the gun that I’m most likely to grab is going to be this Glock 34 now this clock 34 is one of my competition guns and it is set up for a limited, but it also is the gun I shoot maybe the most behind, maybe my 1911 or my CZ. I shoot her at a time. I was a Glock guy for a long, long time and I have tons of routes from my Glock 34 feel free to look up any of my Glock 34 post.

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I had many, even one I reviewed just on this by itself where I shoot these thousands and thousands of rounds. And I’m just very comfortable with it and very easy to use. Also, my wife, her favorite gun are Glocks, so she knows how to use it. She can pick it up and she can use it correctly. What was it like three nights ago or something and we were worried about it last night. Yeah. Picked up this gun and you know, just made sure and checked out, made sure everything outside was okay and put it back where it goes. But that’s what I want in a home defense can. I want the confidence in the ability to be used correctly under a stressful situation. A Glock’s not hard to use. There is no manual safety. You load and it goes. So nothing really there to mess up. Plus it’s got all of my uh, tactical features that I really like on it, including the fiber optic sites.

I used to use just Tridium sites, but I’ve been going more towards the fiber optical way just because that’s what I shoot all the time. That’s what I’m most effective with. And I have found over the, uh, a large percentage of nighttime use, which I do a lot since I have a, a, I have a range of my house. I can shoot at night with my home defense guns and use them in nighttime or low light or no light situations that I don’t really need night sights. Uh, every time I use the weapon light, which all of these guns have the other one as well. Uh, it doesn’t really matter what type of weapon light it is, as long as it’s reliable. And these old light Valkyrie twos are very reliable and they have the exact same controls and the exact same, uh, ease of use that the sure for our extra hundred does, which is the other weapon light that I use all the time.

So again, just able to use while you’re sleeping while you’re tired. And not only that, but it’s an effective caliber and I can shoot it very, very well. Uh, this is nine millimeter. It’s not the biggest caliber. You guys are going to go 45, 10 mill. That’s great. As long as you’re out on the range. And using it and you know how to use it correctly and you know how to use it and different situations, like if it malfunctions you do you do malfunction clearing drills and all that kind of stuff. So this is the gun I feel the most comfortable with. It has the longest barrel, which helps that Teenie nine millimeter the best. It’s the easiest to shoot for me. It’s the most accurate. And uh, what can I say? I just feel comfortable with it. So that’s why I chose it. It has the apex trigger.

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It has a Jaeger work slide. Uh, it has a standard barrel with the Dawson sites and it has silicone carbide and it allows me to get a good grip even when I’m sweaty or scared or freaking out or whatever. And I can maintain that good Rico control. It does have a magwell, but, uh, that’s not really necessary for home defense obviously, but it’s just on there because that’s what I use it for. Another thing I use is another Glock. What a surprise. This is the Glock 45, and my wife really likes this gun as well. Full-sized grip, full-size magazine capacity over, it’s got the cap on it. So when we shoot that a defensive ammo, it keeps it a little bit more sturdy. Now I do have night sights on this gun, but that’s just because that’s what they came with from the factory. There isn’t a whole lot of accessories on this gun besides the light and the brake.

Everything else is just how it came from the factory besides my incredibly ugly trigger upgrade and my town grips, again, making it feel the exact same way. And finally, the last gun that pretty much only pulls home defense duty when the, uh, when this is getting reviewed and stuff like that is a my Danal defense or sorry, my BCM, uh, 16 inch and that has the, uh, the, uh, currently a muscle break that I am, uh, uh, reviewing the hyper tap, I believe lay precision armament and it has a, a M lock rail doesn’t really matter. Uh, I have, uh, the Valkyrie, the exact same light. You see the pattern here, same optics, same lights, same battery of arms. Mission first tactical stock, the exact same stock, the exact same grip, the exact same Sal trigger exact same style of safety,

at the end of the day, the point I’m trying to make is I use my guns a lot and I train with my guns a lot. That’s why I feel comfortable with these particular guns. If you have a 19 1110 millimeters or bedside gun because you think it’s got the best power and all you do is shoot a Glock or a CZ all day, I might reconsider that. If you shoot air fifteens all day and you have a double a double barrel, 12 gauges your home defense gun, I dunno. You know what I mean? Maybe you consider the fact that you might be tired, you might be in a fight currently, you might be injured when you have to use that gun and I like to have gotten this that I know in and out by heart and I can use it at night.

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