10 Best Guns 2020

Best Guns 2020Today we’re going to be talking about the top best new guns of 2020 and this list is actually going to be a little bit different than my previous list. I actually have one for 2019 and 2018 and 2017 if you want to check those out. Normally we go through shot show and I get all the guns I want to get for that year and then I make a list talking about the specs and features and things like that. But this time I actually went out and got that list myself, bought those guns and then brought all of that footage and experience to you and some of those guns didn’t work out so they had to be exchanged for other ones as well. So this is a little bit more definitive list of the best new guns of 2020 at least according to me.

Number four, we get into the list. I want to mention my patron’s supporters. Thank you guys very much. Without you, this channel would not exist. YouTube is basically demonetized all of my content and most other gun channels on YouTube as well. Patron is a big help buying all of the guns and ammunition that you see on these lists, so thank you guys very much for that. And because of that we do a monthly giveaway. This month’s giveaway is going to be for a pair of knives. One of them is a K bar and the other one is going to be an Ontario red three. All you gotta do to be in the giveaway is just be a patron supporter. Also want to mention ammo.com they are a long time supporter of the channel also along with you patrons. And because of that we leave the link in the description below.

You can click the link and get $20 off any order of 200 bucks or more. Now finally to number five the FN five Oh nine mid size. Now I think this is probably the best all around pistol out of the box on the market today, polymer frame and it carries 15 rounds of nine millimeter. Very similar to all the other do it all pistols on the market today, like the MNP that PBQ the VP nine but mainly the Glock 19 which is still considered the gold standard of nine millimeter. Do it all pistols, same size and weight as a four inch barrel, 26 ounces and overall weight and it’s very reliable and very accurate. But where it differs from something like a Glock 19 is in the excessors that comes with the gun. So unlike a Glock, the FN will be ready for you. Every part needed right out of the box.

So the sites are going to come with three dot night’s sites ran out of the box. The trigger’s going to be excellent right out of the box. The grip texture is going to be top notch right out of the box. If you look at the grip of the pistol, it’s got three different types of checkering, more or less aggressive depending on where you need it. It was a very thought out pistol all around that trigger guard doesn’t need to be undercut front and rear slides durations. Every little thing that you see that Glock accessory companies make money on today. All come right out of the box for only $500 on the FN five Oh nine wait, reliability, accuracy, durability and then add to that, it comes from one of the most proven fire manufacturers on the planet known worldwide for making military firearms. The FN five Oh nine is a really hard gun to be. Now at number four I’ve gotten my controversial choice and that is going to be the Remington V3 tech 13 that was going to be the Caltech Ks seven originally, which I was super excited about when I saw it at shot show. However, Celtic is famous for innovation and it has really good ideas over, it executes them poorly.

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Yeah. Okay. Did I do that? No, I did it. What happened? Peers or have a feeding issue of some kind, some kind of disaster apparently in there.

The Remington on the other hand, which is also a company known for similar things actually worked out really well. The V3 tech 13 has a 13 inch barrel. It’s chambered in 12 gauge but it doesn’t have a stock so instead of a shotgun it’s actually a firearm. It has a birds heads grip which makes it very comfortable in comparison to a pistol grip to actually fire. The change of angle makes it a lot easier on your wrist and unlike the pump action versions of these firearms like the TAC 14 from Remington and the shockwave from Mossberg, which is actually the gun that made this Don or a firearm famous. The the three is semiautomatic. It uses the first UMAX system from the original verse max or V3, which is a piston driven system which actually bleeds off gas to lower the recoil and increases the reliability a little bit.

Now I was concerned about this because Remington makes a lot of claims and a lot of their firearms simply do not work the way they’re advertised. So over this one I already have around 200 shells through and it is very reliable so far. Reliability check, low recall check. It also has a five round magazine too full of 12 gauge and makes you feel like mad max on the range. But to me it actually could be a very reasonable firearm for self defense. Now it wouldn’t be the perfect choice in my opinion, but if you came out of your bedroom door while somebody were stealing your TV with this, they wouldn’t be very happy.

Number three, the Glock 43 X in my opinion, the best new carry gun to come out on the market for 2019 that was a close call between this and the Mossberg MC one which is going to be an honorable mention, but I went with the Glock because of the track record of reliability and durability that Glock striker fired polymer frame pistols have had over the years and it has a couple of extra features on top of the very popular Glock 43 that make it, in my opinion, probably one of the best carry guns on the market today. Not just that came out in 2019 it has 10 rounds of nine millimeters similar to the three 65 from SIG. However it is a single stack, not a double stack. Basically it is a Glock 43 with a longer, slightly wider grip and I really liked that because a lot of the detriments for me personally with the 43 is that it had too small of a grip.

It still is 19 ounces with empty mag, making it very lightweight. It still has that 3.4 inch barrel, making it very easy to conceal over. Now it has several extra rounds and it has a larger grip. Make it easier to draw it in, shoot reliably. And that’s really important to me. I actually have some issues sometimes drawing a small gun under stress and if you can’t get the gun out, it doesn’t matter what it says on the side of the gun. It doesn’t matter how reliable it is. It doesn’t matter if it’s chambered in four 60 Roland or whatever it is. If it’s still in the holster, it’s useless. So that slightly larger grip enables me to draw the gun more consistently than something like a Glock 43 or even a three 65 so to me it is an excellent upgrade and for around $400 it’s hard to go wrong.

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And number two we’re going to be talking about the CZ P 10 F man. What an awesome pistol. I love this gun and it was very close to taking the top spot is a matter of fact, the CCP 10 C actually took the top spot in one of these posts on a previous year. The P 10 F is actually a full size gun, you know CGP 10 C is CZ P 10 Compaq CCP 10 F is CCP 10 full size. It has a 4.5 inch barrel, so a slightly longer barrel and slide and it also has a longer grip. That capacity on this gun is 19 plus one very, very impressive in my opinion. It is a polymer frame striker fired pistol, just like your standard Glock 17 it has three DOD sites and it comes with a very exceptional trigger and he cold hammer forged barrel.

So right out of the box it is extremely accurate and the way is only 28.2 ounces, making it very lightweight also. So for a very lightweight, fairly concealable package, you get in 19 plus one capacity that is very reliable, accurate, very easy to shoot because it has a low board access and you get all that for only around $500 MSRP. I’ve seen these going for as low as four 50 so for four 50 it’s really hard not to go with a P 10 F especially over something like your standard Glock 17 considering the upgrade CZ has put into these pistols

now we’ll get into some honorable mentions real quick before we hit our number one. The first honorable mention I want to talk about is going to be the Mossberg MC one. I love the pistol. It’s the first pistol Mossbergs come out with and over a hundred years. It is a polymer frame. Stryker for it. It’s still similar in size and weight to the 43 the M and P shield and the SIG P three 65 the next honorable mention I want to talk about is going to be the PTR nine K T. now that is going to be an MP five clone from PTR. And the reason why it makes the honorable mentions is because it first off, it is a clone from maybe the coolest God of all time. The NP five K might be one of my favorite, if not my favorite submachine gun of all time. So a new UpToDate clone of it is awesome.

Now add to the fact the nineK T is only about $1,600 which is considerably cheaper than anything you’ll get fromH andK , let alone in H andK and P five K. it makes it affordable and available for most people. It also comes with some updated accessories like an M lock rail and a picket tinny rail on top to Mount your favorite red dot. And finally, I want to mentioned a pair of 2011 first off, the Taryn tactical 2011 from John wick. The combat master. What an awesome looking pistol. That is. Very high capacity. 2011 pistol with an excellent two pound trigger and a very long sight radius. That doesn’t make the list for the same reason that the Atlas Hyperion, the gun that I’m most likely will be getting for my dream gun this year. It won’t make the list and both of these 2011 pistols are amazing. Probably the two best pistols on the market for iron sights that you will be able to buy. The only downside to each of these pistols is that they are $4,000 plus. So I am torn right now. I tried to buy at least one dream gun a year and I would like to save up for either a [inaudible] tactical or it Atlas Hyperion. So leaving the comment section below which one you think I should save up for? We shoot these a one-third targets here.

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now we’ll get to number one and I really don’t think it could be anything else. I tried to put a couple of things in the top spot, but every time I thought about this compared to those guns, it really, really just outgunned it in accuracy, reliability and especially cool factor. So for number one it’s going to be the PBQ steel frame match. Now for those of you who watch my channel, you know that I’m a huge fan of the PPQ match series. There’s a lot of reasons for that one. It’s an awesome looking pistol that comes right from the factory with a super cool look to it and very cool slide cuts, not to mention it has an amazing trigger and it is very accurate and very reliable. While the PBQ still very match is all of those things except for it adds a steel lower.

So basically the frame of your pistol is going to be steel as opposed to polymer. So what does that change? Well first off it changes the weight. It’s gotta be a lot heavier at 42 ounces, which in turn lowers the recoil impulse of the gun. So this striker five inch pistol has 15 round nine millimeter magazines. I think it comes with two or three. I can’t remember. I actually reviewed this guy in a couple of months ago from a viewer who sent it in. I was shocked at how accurate and fast this gun actually was. I shot a thousand rounds through it and it only had one malfunction. And you can attribute that kind of stuff to ammunition most of the time. So not only is it accurate and fast, but it’s also very reliable and it’s super cool looking. Really the only downside of this gun is that even though it has very low recoil, it is a little bit too heavy to carry, in my opinion, although it’s about the same size as your average, 1911 so you could carry it if you want it to.

But the major downside of this is that it is around $1,500 for the base model and then upwards of 17 $1,800 for the upgraded model, which does come with extended magazines and a magwell. So if it were me, I would go with the magwell version because my PPQ match does have a magwell and I’m a big fan. Honestly, it is one of the better guns to come out and unless my memory is failing me, it is one of the only steel framed at competition oriented guns that has a striker fired trigger. So if you carry a Stryker for a gun like most people do, it will be very consistent and easy.

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