10tacticalThanks for 10tactical with me, John McFalls.

If you seriously enjoy a well-oiled machine working efficiently and effectively as planned, then you’re just like me. I want every piece of my gear to work flawlessly, and I’m a stickler for accuracy.

It’s why I created 10tactical, to help you find the best information available for maintaining your gear and staying fully optimized during use.

I’m a very task-oriented person. There’s a deep satisfaction that you get from checking all of your gear, ensuring everything is operating efficiently, and having the confidence that your next venture will go off without a hitch.

Coming from a military family, we never shied away when the subject of guns came up. My uncle would discuss the various equipment he’d use in the field, and my dad in what his outfit found in Vietnam.

There’s always something you can include to or eliminate from your weaponry and equipment to personalize the knowledge and improve it for maximum performance.

The thing is, there aren’t enough sites out there with a keen and genuine perspective upon this stuff.

That’s why I made 10tactical, so we’re able to have a like-minded reference for folks as if you and I. Someplace for the best products for your weapons, for your home protection, also to exercise thoroughly your second amendment right.

From survival-based tactical equipment to angling equipment, I’ve got my practical enough equipment to learn greater than a thing or two.

That is a spot to increase your knowledge and study from firsthand experiences.

Maybe you’re a practiced veteran; maybe you’re a newcomer who doesn’t know much about weaponry and success.

Whatever associated with that you’re here, I’m pleased that you will be. There’s buying manuals and information that’s intended for you, to help you develop and reach your goals. Let’s fortify our knowledge collectively.